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MMXVI Southbounder District


Armory 150 Speedway Drive, Fountain Inn SC

October 7-9th

MMXVI Southbounder District Camporee
“Let the Games Begin”

The Activities/Games listed will form a fun Competition for the Scouts to participate in!  The Patrol Method will be used for all Activities/Games. Patrols will consist of 8 Scouts per Patrol.
  • Pancake Toss/Tent Pitching
  • Trolley Race/Light the Lighthouse
  • A-Frame Walk/Shoot for Scores (BB)
  • Shoot for Scores (Archery)/Skish
  • Compass Game/Stretcher Race
  • String Burning/Giant Jenga
  • Semiphor/Water Bucket Relay
  • How Far is That?/Tug-a-War
  • Troop Gateway Competitions
Saturday Night Awards, Recognition, Campfire Songs & Skits, and Flag Retirement Ceremony

Sunday Morning Service

Sunday Adult Competitions- Thompson/Warlick Bowl 

Registration Fees: $10.00  (Adults and Scouts)
     Leaders Guide (Word) (PDF)

COI Ranger High Adventure

High Adventure is Back!

Experience the Fluor High Adventure Program at Camp White Pines, and enjoy evening programs and sleeping at Camp Old Indian, all in one week!!

Day One, Scouts will rock climb and rappel at Camp White Pines. Day Two, more climbing and rappelling off-site, with white water canoe training at Camp Old Indian. In the afternoon, Scouts will ride the Swamp Rabbit Trail to Fluor Field for a special tour and stay for a Greenville Drive game. Day Three, Scouts will go mountain biking at DuPont Forest and relax in the forest’s famous falls. Day Four, white water canoe on the Tuckaseegee River and stay overnight in the Nantahala River Gorge. Day Five, canoe the Nantahala River!!
Programs may be subject to change. Additional activities may include whitewater rafting, paddle boards, kayaking, and carving will be offered at Camp White Pines.

Space is limited! Make your reservation today!

Tiger Cub Summer Time Involvement

Pack Leaders,

Please begin to enroll future Tiger Cubs for 2016-2017 (those that are known) as the summer moves along so that they can be involved in the Pack's Summer Time activities.  This is to help maintain a better long term involvement by them because of all of the fall rush events that are available to the youth in our area.

— Southbounder Committee

New Version and Health Forms Requirments

The new health forms are available from the BSA Website at -> Medical Forms.  

For those of you who have been around a while, please review the new requirements.  They are different than in the past. 

This might be the time to rethink your Pack/Troop/Crew/Post policies and have everyone complete a Part A & B at the beginning of EACH scout year.